• Navigate special education process including, but not limited to, partnering with parents and school; review of IEP or 504 plan; review of evaluations and other documentation.
  • Assist with the development of strengths-based IEPs.
  • Brainstorm solutions with parents to address transition planning and postsecondary goals.
  • Review available educational services and supports for students with disabilities.
  • Advise families on planning and implementation for using assistive technology.
  • Facilitate IEP meetings and mediation.  
  • Represent families in a due process or administrative hearings also called impartial hearings.
  • Help with Plan of Care investigations and educating families on who the gatekeepers to services are.
  • Develop strategies for participation and planning for disability specific entitlements long-term planning and services.
  • Discuss cross benefits that explore, consider and cover inclusion and Least Restrictive Environment or Least Restrictive Alternative.
  • Experience with moving students from private schools to public schools with appropriate supports.
  • Provide ongoing advocacy efforts such as sharing information about patient rights, parent rights, resources, direct advocacy and 1:1 training.
  • Conduct parent workshops on a range of topics such as navigating the IEP process, assistive technology, the turning 5 process and middle and high school admissions.
  • Provide personalized instruction for older students who need to learn about their IEP and/or prepare for participation in an IEP meeting.
  • Recommend specialists, service providers, and evaluators.
  • Establish a response plan for parents who are having emotional dilemmas related to the influx of choices and responsibilities that come with raising and caring for a disabled child and/or adolescent.

We specialize in resolving special education issues for students in public schools. We are not the right agency for parents seeking private school.

While we are familiar with laws pertaining to special education, we do not provide legal advice. We cannot represent you in state or federal court.

For other issues or questions regarding our group, please email us: jenn (at) specialsupportservices (dot) com.