Authentic Advocacy and Peer Support for Families and Individuals.

Join me on our journey through systems navigation and advocacy.  Learning and teaching about navigation, advocacy for those with special support needs. Available for 1:1 support as well. Special Support Services Include the ability to:

*Conduct one on one or group sessions with consumers and/or their families to assist in developing a significant voice in planning, development, and evaluation of services needed and currently in use. Ensuring that shared decision- making and respect are ongoing themes in seeking services.

*Intake and comprehensive discussions on goals and barriers under a culturally competent umbrella, in person and over the phone.

*Share communication and advocacy templates that are NYC and or district specific and that can be formatted to meet the needs of the client.

*Serve as an advocate for consumers to access special education services, disability specific community resources, benefits and entitlements, social events, wellness and recovery activities, self-help sessions, and mental health services, advocacy events. Plan of Care investigations and learning who the gatekeepers to services are.

*Set up initial appointments and or consults with various clinical and other support staff.

*Develop strategies for participation in  public comments concerning pubic health planning and disability specific entitlement changes and services.

*Share Informational support and research concerning disorders, treatments and services in the community, at the local department of social services/schools/preschools and public and local councils, coalitions and affiliates and other applicable local or state services.

* Provide Instructional support aimed at empowering parents through skill-building, utilizing role-playing, enhancing communication through modeling and initiation between parents and providers. Developing advocacy templates that are district specific.

*Discuss Cross Benefits that explore, consider and cover inclusion and LRE/LRA as per Education and Mental Hygiene laws.

* Engage in ongoing directed, targeted emotional support including compassion, responsiveness, boundary modeling and ongoing encouragement

* Serve and supply instrumental support for example providing respite resources, transportation entitlement.

*Provide Ongoing advocacy efforts such as sharing information about patient rights, parent rights, resources and direct advocacy 1:1 training.

*Establish Crisis Response plan for parents who are having emotional dilemma related to the influx of choices and responsibilities that come with raising and caring for a disabled child and or adolescent.

*Conduct Workshops on parent empowerment pathways and roads to success

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