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Our advocates not only work professionally in the field, but also spend time advancing education and disability rights at city and state levels.

Volunteer Affiliations and Actions

Presentations and Workshops

Media Engagement and Publications

Volunteer Affiliations and Actions

All of our advocates are active members in 2eNYC, an organization serving the needs of parents of twice-exceptional children in New York City. Jenn founded the group, whose membership now includes more than 600 parents. Highlights of collective work with 2eNYC include: 

Developing an informal survey and producing a report completed by 500 parents to identify the needs of 2e students in NYC.

Published in May 2018, this report was presented to the NYC DOE Special Education Office and the Citywide Council on Special Education.

Represent 2eNYC at meetings with the New York City Department of Education Special Education Office. Conversations from these meetings led to two conferences on executive function skills and serving students with disabilities in gifted and accelerated learning environments.

Our senior family peer advocate, Amber, has spent last 10 years advancing the rights of various vulnerable populations and their families including those with developmental disabilities and behavioral health disabilities at both the city and state level.

Presentations and Workshops

Part of our commitment to empower parents as advocates means speaking up about what we know and speaking out about our experiences. We can customize workshops for parents on a range of topics such as navigating IEP process, assistive technology, turning 5 process, and high school admissions. If you are interested in booking Special Support Services for a workshop at your next event or meeting, email rachel (at) specialsupportservices (dot) com.

Citywide Council on Special Education, Presentation on 2e Parent Survey Results, led by Jenn Choi

Quad Prep Breakthroughs in Twice Exceptional Education, Workshop on Assistive Technology for 2e Learners, led by Jenn Choi

Workshop on NYC Public High School Admissions for 2E Kids, led by Jenn Choi

Gigi’s Playhouse, Turning 5 Workshop, led by Amber Decker

NYC DOE Assistive Technology Expo, Keynote Panelist,  Jenn Choi provides parent perspective on invisible disabilities and the use of assistive technology

Media Engagement and Publications

Our advocates are regularly consulted as experts on a range of advocacy topics and also contribute opinion pieces and articles. Here are just a few links:

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