“Thank you so much for all of your help.  Special Support Services is really the dream team.”
– S.S., Queens


“Worth every penny.  Special Support Services is terrific.” E.S., Queens

“Can’t say enough about Amber. She is where the pros go for help! Can’t do this without her. She’s priceless.”

– B.R., Manhattan

“Amber is the person you want in your corner if you need to fight for your child.  She really goes to bat for her clients and is passionate about making sure their needs are met.  She truly is in this for all the right reasons. As somebody who was new to this world and was trying to understand the DOE process, Amber’s guidance, experience and perspective was invaluable as we tried to understand how to best support our child.”

– E. B., Queens

“Jenn’s wonderful support has led to great strides in my son’s academic success in high school.  Jenn spent quality time getting to know my son to figure out what software would be most helpful, taught him how and encouraged him to use the right Assistive Technology tools, and showed me how to work with the DOE and my son’s school to integrate these tools into his IEP.  My son’s school gave him a laptop, which he uses throughout the day, and he receives notes and materials almost exclusively through Google Classroom that really helps with organization.  Thanks, Jenn!

-J.R., Brooklyn

“Amber Decker super geeks out on rules and regulations and problem solving within the many channels there are out there. It’s like the way someone knows all the nooks and crannies of the subway map. She knows so much!!! “

– J.C., Queens

Amber is amazing. She brings clarity, amazing attention to detail, and a wealth of knowledge to the table. She’s an amazing advocate, who will help you really understand the process, unpack all the confusing reports, evaluations and recommendations. Then, she will guide you through the DOE’s process and help you finally get the services your child needs. Before I hired Amber, I always felt like I wasn’t doing enough for my child and didn’t really understand the process. Now I understand what needs to be done and how to effectively advocate for my child. She changes everything.

– S.S., Brooklyn

“Rachel is a tremendous inspiration to so many parents dealing with children on the spectrum. Her courage and dedication is absolutely remarkable. I have only known her for such a short period of time and she has influenced and helped me so much with my child. I would put her on the cover of Forbes as a remarkable mother, leader, supporter, woman of the year.”

– M.M., Queens

“Rachel, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for earlier today!  I’m still trying to find my feet, and constantly questioning myself.  Thank you so much for being a voice of reason. It really meant a lot, and has given me a firmer step to walk forward on.”

– U.L., Queens

We value the privacy of our clients, which is why we do not share the full names of our clients–even for testimonials.

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